About FATS

Our Vision

To be the leader in growth, in forwarding logistics, by empowering our partners and our people

Our Values

  • We provide a superior quality service through innovation and leadership
  • We aim for excellence everyday to exceed our partner’s expectations
  • We involve, develop and empower our people to their full potential
  • We maintain the highest level of integrity in our interactions with all partners
  • We retain close relationships with our partners and our people through open communication and teamwork
  • We are financially conservative
  • We understand the value of time by displaying an appropriate sense of urgency through efficiency
  • We keep abreast of information and technology developments and their impact on our industry
  • We endeavor to create the most profitable environment for both our partners & ourselves
  • To seek and create new opportunities and act upon it

Our Origin

FATS is an acronym for FORWARDING AFRICAN TRANSPORT SERVICES (PTY) LTD, which was established in 1992 with its major focus being on road transport into the central African regions.

In 1997 this changed and our services were extended to include international forwarding, for both import and export airfreight and sea freight, where we have developed a strong network of agents internationally.